Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good Witch or Bad Witch .. Which Witch Hunt

Well theres a Mini hunt going on at our Pixelated Obsessions sim..

Question is are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch.? Which Witch ru?

ALI COUTURE and DivaLicious have joined forces and created the two new outfits ready for Halloween or killing people (my way) muajjajajaj.. These purple and pink pumpkins will decide your fate or maybe get both and wear as you feel!!! They both come w/ flying brooms hats boots etc... a true delight!!!! WE threw in a little come Nakey and dress as you go!!! then after awhile everyone was zooming everywhere where putt putting either pink or purple smoke depending on the witch you wanted to be.. check out the pics.. You will see yours truely of course, My dearest Gavyn Kirax, Vesper Dreamscape, Cindy and many more bitches.. i mean witches zooming about our sim.. it as been soooo much fun...stop on by before it ends today!!!!!

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