Friday, August 21, 2009


Well I was tping somewhere when I suddenly get an IM from my good dear ol' friend Jordan Whitt... ya!!! she told me she was in my store protesting the demise of my fairies so now she was gonna be a real life (sl) fairy fluttering about my store w/ the tag something like.. "Join the Fucking Ali Couture Group or I will stalk you" I thought i would join in and put my wings on I was a Lady Bug i dont have a fucking fairy costume. Then Ill showed up then it was a fairy fest!!!! hahaahahaha..........Here's the pic that first popped up on my screen and I was laughing soooooo hard.........

more pics to come when i download them from sl.. xoxoooxo luff u guys!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


OK thought this was ssooooooooooooooo funny and you know how I love Drama queens YAY hahahhaah.. as most of my biters know .. I have a few flying fairies in my store and they are fucking annnoooyyyiiinnggg as helll.. I did that to basically play a joke on my good dear ol' friend Jodie S. Ms. DivaLicous !!!.. I dont like butterflies , rainbows, and all things lovely ..soo she says.. so i said.. pfft. and just filled my store w/ those annoying creatures to show her that I do ..sometimes a little bloody rainbow..... hahah until i got this note.. god I LOVE SL!!!!

This comes from a wonderful avatar named something like cheese sneeze (hiding the name to protect the bitter)

Subject Line: Your Fairie (i thought it was spelled fairy but hey tomatoe tomato)

I only wanted to tell you something I expect you have heard before.
The idea of having this annoying fairie buzzing around my face in an attempt to irritate me into joining your group had very much the opposite effect. After a few minutes of that, I went to another store that I know would never treat me like that.

......................................muajajajajajajaaj.... I LOVE DRAMA... MY RESPONSE.........

hahhaahah got ur note i hate those fucking fairies tooo.. should have used them for target practice.... gotta love SL!!! its a game right!!!.. Im so glad you found other stores that are more serious :).. i on the other hand thought of placing some chickens tooo.. why not go all out!!!!
Have a wonderful shopping day serious shopper you !!!
hahahaxoxoxox ALI

---------------------DEAR BITING BEAUTIFUL CHICKIES... SMILE HAVE FUN OR RP THE FUCKING HELL OUT OF SECOND LIFE AND IT WILL BE SOO MUCH MORE FUN!!!!!! dances all the way back to designing....... lalalalalalalalalalala

Saturday, August 15, 2009


A few of the new releases next week ..take a peak!! Also a scary hunt gift underway will let you know what hunt this creepy gift will be available for !!! Muajajjjajaj

Hot new Tattoo for the Mystic in you! I love tatts and love to wear them in my posters.. I really hope i have more time to offer you more. I have so many designs in my head but always end up working on something else.. I found a perfect pic for me.. let me share it w/ you i found it in photobucket

and for the creepy Sadistic Snow White... Jodie (DivaLicious) tpd out and yelled

Honestly is there ANYTHING Sacred with you!!!!!!.

Um NO!


Saturday, August 8, 2009


BITERS!!!! Pic Contest...BEST IN ALI COUTURE CLOTHES.. runs thru Aug 31!!!!
Here's what to do:
Take a pic in ALI COUTURE clothes
Send me the pic w/ full perms so I can post it
Contest Closes in Aug 31

Prize: 1000 Gift Cert. and you immortalized in an Ali Couture NEW Release.!!
So get ur sweet asses in gear and start working on ur hot pics!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

69 Babeh!!!

Quickie sale to commemorate the numbers in the hunt!!!!! 69 babeh... mesh top w/ bandaid coverings.. and a mini skirt w/ sculptie 69 belt...The matching Thigh HIGH boots are included!!! And to be in the spirit of the SATISFASHION hunt... i hid the hat somewhere in my store for 1linden.. come and check it out