Friday, August 21, 2009


Well I was tping somewhere when I suddenly get an IM from my good dear ol' friend Jordan Whitt... ya!!! she told me she was in my store protesting the demise of my fairies so now she was gonna be a real life (sl) fairy fluttering about my store w/ the tag something like.. "Join the Fucking Ali Couture Group or I will stalk you" I thought i would join in and put my wings on I was a Lady Bug i dont have a fucking fairy costume. Then Ill showed up then it was a fairy fest!!!! hahaahahaha..........Here's the pic that first popped up on my screen and I was laughing soooooo hard.........

more pics to come when i download them from sl.. xoxoooxo luff u guys!!!

1 comment:

Jordan Whitt said...

Damn I shoulda worn my super sexy fat shape =P