Thursday, December 31, 2009

What better model than one of our own biters.... here is Jacqui in cupcake and cherrys.. hmm cherry i think she lost that one a long time ago.. hahhaha but neway i think she sends me these pics so she can see herself plastered on the internet.. I believe she owes me a "jo" winks....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Comes with three different Tops:
A seethru top barely covering you but leaving just enough for the imagination..finished w/ fur trimming around the neck and wrists. 2. A leather Corset and 3. A sculptie Drape held up by silver rings.. adorned with a high collar. The skirt is scattered with the same design .. will leave ur men breathless.
BRIGITTE: will be arriving soon.. Named after Ms. Ruby who keeps on hounding me for gowns!!! Its silky and soft and makes you feel like a million bucks.. (keep an eye on that buck on the right hand corner).. Rawer.. and nooo ladies the handsome yet delicious man is not for sale.. Yet...!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

You Gotta Love my Biters

..My dearest Jacqui Pobieski..... One of my Favourite Biters of all Time.. Came to ask me one day the weirdest thing.... I'll let you read....
After a while of scouting locations, I headed off to my favorite store for a break. I talked to Alia, the owner, and reluctantly told her of my dilemna. She laughed and said I could do it there on three conditions: wear a sign explaining why I was there, take a picture for her and let her post it on her blog. Weary of looking for a place to pay my debt, I agreed.

I came back home, happy that I had found a spot, got the soup ready and made the signs. Off I went, hoping it was not as busy as it usually was. But, not only were there the usual female shoppers but a helpful male there to offer his opinion on his girlfriend's purchase.

I waited for a while for the people in the store to leave but they seemed to be content browsing. I figured I'd just get it done before more people showed up! Just as I pulled out my sign and set it down, ANOTHER customer ran up the walk behind me, stopping to read the sign. Realizing it was now or never, I sighed, set out the pot of soup and my trusty jar of eyeballs. I quickly removed my outfit and grabbed a spoon.

Even though it was VERY cold out (I should have asked if I could wear socks!), the sip of chicken soup warmed me. I searched my clothes and pulled out a bowl I had packed for this occasion. Mm good soup!

I finished up and put my sign on for Alia's requested pictures before cleaning up and returning home :)..........Jacqui

...........SL would be so boring if it wasn't for the Jacqui's of the world..
xoxoxoxo Ali

Thursday, December 17, 2009


BITERS!!! Wanted to show you the New ALI COUTURE MAIN STORE.. and New Pixelated Obsessions Mall.. by setting up a littoh hunt.. 15 dresses at 10L each.. hidden all over the mall! Spoilers are as you walk into the store if you suck at hunts like me!!!! Also if you just want to buy them all then...just get them from the poster at the front of the mall.. but have some fun and HUNT!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

1000L winner for the DRESS US UP HUNT

The winner for the 1000L was Sashann Geordie!!! Congrats Sweets and thnks for being such a beautiful Biter !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


ALI COUTURE AND DIVALICIOUS.. joined forces for the DRESS US UP HUNT.. My outfit includes all seen on the poster as well as the Boots... only for the duration of the hunt!! So come on by and check out our new releases.. Also as you walk into the store there is a box including cheats and clues you pick what you want to do cuz you all know i suck at hunts.. !!!! Also I have included a top and bottom in the NC so you can wear to keep lag down.. !! or just come naked!!!
While you're here drop us a NC on what you want to see next month!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good Witch or Bad Witch .. Which Witch Hunt

Well theres a Mini hunt going on at our Pixelated Obsessions sim..

Question is are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch.? Which Witch ru?

ALI COUTURE and DivaLicious have joined forces and created the two new outfits ready for Halloween or killing people (my way) muajjajajaj.. These purple and pink pumpkins will decide your fate or maybe get both and wear as you feel!!! They both come w/ flying brooms hats boots etc... a true delight!!!! WE threw in a little come Nakey and dress as you go!!! then after awhile everyone was zooming everywhere where putt putting either pink or purple smoke depending on the witch you wanted to be.. check out the pics.. You will see yours truely of course, My dearest Gavyn Kirax, Vesper Dreamscape, Cindy and many more bitches.. i mean witches zooming about our sim.. it as been soooo much fun...stop on by before it ends today!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


JAYDA ZANE...... THE ALI COUTURE PIC WINNER... she won $1000 and will come out in the next release for ALI COUTURE. I loved how Jayda captured my designs.. strong , aggressive and taking no crap from anyone....WOMAN SEDUCTION ROLEPLAY.. THAT IS WHAT ALI COUTURE IS ALL ABOUT... Wear Ali or go Naked... and Jayda aint afraid to show it!!!

JACQUI POBIESKI was my second place winner.. I actually didnt think about a 2nd place but this pic made me tingle!!!!! Always Hot Always a Biter.. Rawr Jacqui...

And to all my Beautiful biters you all were just amazing to name a few::
TallSweetness Lisa....Wil Kanno...Phenix Foxtrot..Diamond Brandenburg...MY FAVORITE FAIRY ... JORDAN WHITT... Mariposa Reyna, Ipkiss Igaly... my fav babii...Pleasure....omg i can go on and on.. YOU were all great thats why it took me awhile to decide... BITERS FUCKING ROCK!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Well I was tping somewhere when I suddenly get an IM from my good dear ol' friend Jordan Whitt... ya!!! she told me she was in my store protesting the demise of my fairies so now she was gonna be a real life (sl) fairy fluttering about my store w/ the tag something like.. "Join the Fucking Ali Couture Group or I will stalk you" I thought i would join in and put my wings on I was a Lady Bug i dont have a fucking fairy costume. Then Ill showed up then it was a fairy fest!!!! hahaahahaha..........Here's the pic that first popped up on my screen and I was laughing soooooo hard.........

more pics to come when i download them from sl.. xoxoooxo luff u guys!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


OK thought this was ssooooooooooooooo funny and you know how I love Drama queens YAY hahahhaah.. as most of my biters know .. I have a few flying fairies in my store and they are fucking annnoooyyyiiinnggg as helll.. I did that to basically play a joke on my good dear ol' friend Jodie S. Ms. DivaLicous !!!.. I dont like butterflies , rainbows, and all things lovely ..soo she says.. so i said.. pfft. and just filled my store w/ those annoying creatures to show her that I do ..sometimes a little bloody rainbow..... hahah until i got this note.. god I LOVE SL!!!!

This comes from a wonderful avatar named something like cheese sneeze (hiding the name to protect the bitter)

Subject Line: Your Fairie (i thought it was spelled fairy but hey tomatoe tomato)

I only wanted to tell you something I expect you have heard before.
The idea of having this annoying fairie buzzing around my face in an attempt to irritate me into joining your group had very much the opposite effect. After a few minutes of that, I went to another store that I know would never treat me like that.

......................................muajajajajajajaaj.... I LOVE DRAMA... MY RESPONSE.........

hahhaahah got ur note i hate those fucking fairies tooo.. should have used them for target practice.... gotta love SL!!! its a game right!!!.. Im so glad you found other stores that are more serious :).. i on the other hand thought of placing some chickens tooo.. why not go all out!!!!
Have a wonderful shopping day serious shopper you !!!
hahahaxoxoxox ALI

---------------------DEAR BITING BEAUTIFUL CHICKIES... SMILE HAVE FUN OR RP THE FUCKING HELL OUT OF SECOND LIFE AND IT WILL BE SOO MUCH MORE FUN!!!!!! dances all the way back to designing....... lalalalalalalalalalala

Saturday, August 15, 2009


A few of the new releases next week ..take a peak!! Also a scary hunt gift underway will let you know what hunt this creepy gift will be available for !!! Muajajjjajaj

Hot new Tattoo for the Mystic in you! I love tatts and love to wear them in my posters.. I really hope i have more time to offer you more. I have so many designs in my head but always end up working on something else.. I found a perfect pic for me.. let me share it w/ you i found it in photobucket

and for the creepy Sadistic Snow White... Jodie (DivaLicious) tpd out and yelled

Honestly is there ANYTHING Sacred with you!!!!!!.

Um NO!


Saturday, August 8, 2009


BITERS!!!! Pic Contest...BEST IN ALI COUTURE CLOTHES.. runs thru Aug 31!!!!
Here's what to do:
Take a pic in ALI COUTURE clothes
Send me the pic w/ full perms so I can post it
Contest Closes in Aug 31

Prize: 1000 Gift Cert. and you immortalized in an Ali Couture NEW Release.!!
So get ur sweet asses in gear and start working on ur hot pics!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

69 Babeh!!!

Quickie sale to commemorate the numbers in the hunt!!!!! 69 babeh... mesh top w/ bandaid coverings.. and a mini skirt w/ sculptie 69 belt...The matching Thigh HIGH boots are included!!! And to be in the spirit of the SATISFASHION hunt... i hid the hat somewhere in my store for 1linden.. come and check it out

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bewitched Nosey Neighbor, GLADYS

ALI COUTURE was part of Striking Poses :Pic contest.. and here is the winner..photographed by Midas Guisse in ALI COUTURE Whisper dress

Friday, July 24, 2009


Sexeh See-thru Ali Couture Gown, accented with black decorative flowers.... leavin' littoh to the imagination..

I am Adult Content.. is the gift for Guys on the Satisfashion Hunt that starts Aug 1. Comes with leather matching pants that have Age Verified runing down the leg.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Day of the Dead has Arrived

El Dia De Los Muertos!! This is my Fav so Far.. Leather Jacket w/ Skull Emblem on the Back and faded on the sleeves. Sculptie Collar and prim sleeves. Comes with matching Skull Pants and a detailed Skull Bullet Belt. Accessories are available like the Cowboy Hat also the Skull Belt is also available for purchase.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


OK Biters and heres where the guys come in too.. You have heard me rant of rave about our new Fashion Group SATISFASHION.. little background on it. The Founders, Jodie, Mike, Sugar and I have always wanted a fashion group.. We are a close knit group and even have all our MAIN stores in ONE sim. We run our businesses together and Satisfashion is one more thing w/in the family. We gathered a group of designers and had them join us. Next off was .. how were we going to present these designers all at once at the Launch of our group... ta ta dunnnnnnnn A HUNT.. The SATISFASHION GUARANTEED hunt... you would visit the designers wonderful stores and on top of that obtain a wonderful Gift..more like UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! Us as designers sometime forget why we got into SL to have fun.. and for most of us it's now a business.. so we as designers set time aside and created something wonderful just for SATISFASHION and the SEEKERS. We wanted this hunt to be different and worthwhile and knowing that each gift was especially made for this hunt! We had many many applicants and could have run into the hundreds like most hunts.... But we wanted something "close and personal' we wanted you to actually finish it and finish it with each gift STILL IN YOUR INVENTORY..... So Thank you to Designers and thank you for being a part of our dream.. !!! Let us Drape your body in fashion.. xoxoxooxoxo

Monday, July 20, 2009


GOLDEN SUN is bright and shiney warming you as the high collar accentuates your neck and a matching mini is interchangeable with golden linen pants. Sculptie collar and sleeves add a bit more flair. While the AC glasses make this outfit complete.
RED SUN and full of fire this japanese inspired outfit comes with sculptie matching collar and sleeves.

Welcome to the Grand 'Illusion" dunno have Styx in mah brain.. Tribal and Latex go well together as you slip into this as hugging every inch of you. Gloves come in the gift box and make it easy to wield any weapon you have near.

Delicia ...feel like visiting Andaluz.. i was in a Spanish mood and decided to make a hot dress after buying some Spanish dances.. this one is filled with goodies. Black lace accentuates your body as a flair of skirts surround your legs ready to take a dance. A scripted and non scripted closing fan is included, a hair come and sculpted red roses that will take your suitors breath away.

Ok Im raisin' my collar on this one. Tried my hand at a gown.. made the Ali way.. Had to show some skin or it wouldn't be me! the skirt takes a plunge in the back to leave littoh to the imagination.. it is adorned with intriquitely sculpted golden and white roses. A golden sheer lays above your skirt as it moves w/ your hips. The tops may have your partner wondering if its going to be a very slow dance. Three tops are included One Sheer, One sculpted and one to discreetly cover you.. Sheer Gloves and Beautiful Roses for hair finish this naughty delight.