Friday, December 18, 2009

You Gotta Love my Biters

..My dearest Jacqui Pobieski..... One of my Favourite Biters of all Time.. Came to ask me one day the weirdest thing.... I'll let you read....
After a while of scouting locations, I headed off to my favorite store for a break. I talked to Alia, the owner, and reluctantly told her of my dilemna. She laughed and said I could do it there on three conditions: wear a sign explaining why I was there, take a picture for her and let her post it on her blog. Weary of looking for a place to pay my debt, I agreed.

I came back home, happy that I had found a spot, got the soup ready and made the signs. Off I went, hoping it was not as busy as it usually was. But, not only were there the usual female shoppers but a helpful male there to offer his opinion on his girlfriend's purchase.

I waited for a while for the people in the store to leave but they seemed to be content browsing. I figured I'd just get it done before more people showed up! Just as I pulled out my sign and set it down, ANOTHER customer ran up the walk behind me, stopping to read the sign. Realizing it was now or never, I sighed, set out the pot of soup and my trusty jar of eyeballs. I quickly removed my outfit and grabbed a spoon.

Even though it was VERY cold out (I should have asked if I could wear socks!), the sip of chicken soup warmed me. I searched my clothes and pulled out a bowl I had packed for this occasion. Mm good soup!

I finished up and put my sign on for Alia's requested pictures before cleaning up and returning home :)..........Jacqui

...........SL would be so boring if it wasn't for the Jacqui's of the world..
xoxoxoxo Ali

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