Monday, July 20, 2009


GOLDEN SUN is bright and shiney warming you as the high collar accentuates your neck and a matching mini is interchangeable with golden linen pants. Sculptie collar and sleeves add a bit more flair. While the AC glasses make this outfit complete.
RED SUN and full of fire this japanese inspired outfit comes with sculptie matching collar and sleeves.

Welcome to the Grand 'Illusion" dunno have Styx in mah brain.. Tribal and Latex go well together as you slip into this as hugging every inch of you. Gloves come in the gift box and make it easy to wield any weapon you have near.

Delicia ...feel like visiting Andaluz.. i was in a Spanish mood and decided to make a hot dress after buying some Spanish dances.. this one is filled with goodies. Black lace accentuates your body as a flair of skirts surround your legs ready to take a dance. A scripted and non scripted closing fan is included, a hair come and sculpted red roses that will take your suitors breath away.

Ok Im raisin' my collar on this one. Tried my hand at a gown.. made the Ali way.. Had to show some skin or it wouldn't be me! the skirt takes a plunge in the back to leave littoh to the imagination.. it is adorned with intriquitely sculpted golden and white roses. A golden sheer lays above your skirt as it moves w/ your hips. The tops may have your partner wondering if its going to be a very slow dance. Three tops are included One Sheer, One sculpted and one to discreetly cover you.. Sheer Gloves and Beautiful Roses for hair finish this naughty delight.

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