Wednesday, July 22, 2009


OK Biters and heres where the guys come in too.. You have heard me rant of rave about our new Fashion Group SATISFASHION.. little background on it. The Founders, Jodie, Mike, Sugar and I have always wanted a fashion group.. We are a close knit group and even have all our MAIN stores in ONE sim. We run our businesses together and Satisfashion is one more thing w/in the family. We gathered a group of designers and had them join us. Next off was .. how were we going to present these designers all at once at the Launch of our group... ta ta dunnnnnnnn A HUNT.. The SATISFASHION GUARANTEED hunt... you would visit the designers wonderful stores and on top of that obtain a wonderful Gift..more like UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! Us as designers sometime forget why we got into SL to have fun.. and for most of us it's now a business.. so we as designers set time aside and created something wonderful just for SATISFASHION and the SEEKERS. We wanted this hunt to be different and worthwhile and knowing that each gift was especially made for this hunt! We had many many applicants and could have run into the hundreds like most hunts.... But we wanted something "close and personal' we wanted you to actually finish it and finish it with each gift STILL IN YOUR INVENTORY..... So Thank you to Designers and thank you for being a part of our dream.. !!! Let us Drape your body in fashion.. xoxoxooxoxo

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